Lock out the water with the tough
water-tight Flex™ rubber membrane!
Weather Shield Flex™ is a highly versatile and functional roll-on damp-proof rubber membrane that imparts exceptional water-proofing, flexibility and weathering advantages to many existing surfaces.

Weather Shield Flex™ is an easy-to-use, single component coating that locks firmly onto concrete, concrete block and plywood -- as well as tile backer board, drywall, fiberglass decking, primed metal and plastic.
Do Battle With Water – and Win!
Water Protection
Wood Decks
Concrete Cracks
Before Exterior Painting
Basement Walls
Bond Enhancer
Before Laying Tile
Plywood Deck Prep - Part 1
Plywood Deck Prep - Part 2
Many Uses... One Handy Can.

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Performance Highlights...

• excellent adhesion
• blocks water and vapour
• no mould growth
• dries fast (30 - 60 minutes)
• roller or spray application
• water-based / water clean-up

• spans cracks and seams
• sub-zero temperature flexible
• blocks rust and other stains
Decorative Floor Coatings
HardRock® Roll-On Stone Coating
Granite® Stone Coating
FlexRock® Textured Stone Coating

Utility Floor Coatings
• Beauti–Tone® Textured Primer

• Beauti-Tone® HardRock® Clear Coat
• Beauti-Tone® Epoxy Clear Coat
Weather Shield® Flex™

• Tools & Accessory Items