Whether your existing wall tile is beginning to look dull and lifeless, does not suit your desired colour scheme – or is a mistake you’ve lived with for years – replacing it with new tile is a costly, messy and time-consuming proposition.
Resurface your drab wall tile with REAL STONE – and get the look of premium tile!
But now, with the Beauti-Tone® Wall Tile Refinishing Kit, you can roll on a premium stone or porcelain finish right over your existing tile surface.

You get the beauty and performance of premium tile (that normally would cost you thousands of dollars) — in a simple, easy-to-use kit that lets you dramatically improve your bathroom, kitchen or any other room in just one weekend.

The kit contains everything you need to complete your project like a pro, WITH NO CREATIVE SKILL NECESSARY. Just follow a few easy steps ... and be amazed!
Typical Uses...
• Bathrooms & shower areas
• Kitchen backsplash
• Accent wall tile
• Decorative columns
• Residential & commercial
Fast, easy and economical tile renewal you can
be proud of — in one simple kit...
Performance Features...
• Pre-mixed stone formula
• Hard, durable surface
• Waterproof barrier
• Resists cleaning chemicals
• No more dirty grout lines!
Usage Highlights...
• simple step-by-step method
• No creative skill required
• Odourless
• Fast dry times
• Water-based, user-friendly
Renew Kitchen Back Splash • Bathroom Walls • Shower Areas & More!
12 Popular Colours - Click on a tile below to see a larger image above
**Patent Pending Technology**
pink bathroom
Frequently Asked Questions
1) What comes in the kit?
The kit comes with everything you need to refinish your tile surfaces with real stone. That includes all coatings, application tools, instruction DVD and other supplies.

2) Do I need to be artistic?
Not at all. The product does all the creative work for you. You will be surprised at what you will be able to achieve.

3) Can I use this in a shower or bathtub area?
Yes. The Beauti-Tone® Tile Refinishing Kit coating is a water-repellent barrier.

4) Is the surface cleanable?
Yes. It will perform well in kitchen and bathroom areas against stains and most cleaning chemicals.

5) How many colours are there?
The Beauti-Tone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit currently comes in 12 colour finishes.

6) Are the coatings hard to use? Do I have to mix things and then work really fast?
No. Just pop open the containers and roll them on. Everything is pre-mixed with low to zero odour. Everything is air-dried and there are no toxic epoxy chemicals to worry about. Just work at your own comfortable pace.

wall tile refinishing

Go from Bland...
...to Grand! Practically overnight!
Ripping out old tile is messy, noisy and expensive.
Just cover it up with the kit – and get the look of premium tile for a fraction of the cost.
View the installation process here.

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