Creating bond where there is none...
The main challenge when applying any coating to synthetic or "man-made" surfaces, is the lack of surface texture and porosity. Unlike concrete and wood, which have pores in the surface that invite penetration and anchoring of the coating, synthetic surfaces are often very smooth.
       The simple way to overcome this is to rough up the surface thoroughly before coating to give your new finish something to grab and lock on to. As well, the installation surface must be clean and in good condition. The excellent bonding power of the Beauti-Tone spreadable stone products will do the rest.

Here's a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done in each specific case:

Ceramic Tile Floors and Countertops...

1) Scuff with 40 grit sandpaper to break the glaze.
2) Wash the floor or countertop to remove any debris.
3) Roll on a uniform coat of Weather Shield Flex as an adhesion promoter for coatings that will follow. Let it dry until the following day before proceeding.
4) If the existing grout line pattern will be used on the floor, roll on a coat of Beauti-Tone Textured Primer. After the primer has dried fully, mask off the grout lines with Grout Line tape before applying your desired floor finish.
5) If a new grout pattern (or seamless application for your floor or TILE SURFACE) is desired, skim coat the surface with polymer enhanced thinset. This will eliminate all previous grout lines for a new, flat surface.
6) Proceed with the decorative floor or countertop finish of your choice, as directed.

1) Vigorously scuff with 40-grit sandpaper to add profile.
2) Wash the floor to remove any dirt or debris.
3) Glue down lifting or separated seams. Patch any tears or holes with Flex Elastomeric Compound or cement patch.
4) Where seam movement between linoleum parts is significant, Flex can be used in combination with Flex Seam Mesh Tape to create a flexible join.
Laminate Countertops
1) Vigorously scuff with 80-grit sandpaper to add profile.
2) Wash the surface and let it dry.
3) Fill any separated seams and patch any holes or other damage with Flex® Elastomeric Compound or other filler.
Synthetic Surface Prep...