The better the surface, the better the bond...

Unlike concrete, wood is a complex structure of organic fibers that will react with water, heat, impact and overall movement. The result is a surface that poses additional challenges when it comes to long term bond and visual appeal of applied coatings.

If you've had to strip and re-paint / re-stain your peeling deck on numerous occasions, you've had plenty of experience with this reality first-hand.

You need to start with a surface that will co-operate with your plans. Wood that is in reasonably good condition can be coated with great and lasting success with a high performance deck coating — like HardRock® Deck & Dock.

Some surfaces, however, are best avoided or will require corrective measures before proceeding.

Wood deck surfaces that are NOT suitable for coating...

Condition Corrective Action (if any)
• wood covered with a previous coating that is peeling • strip down to bare wood
• oily wood such as cedar • do not coat
• wood with extreme checking / cracking • replace affected wood
• weak and/or spongy wood with obvious signs of rot • replace affected wood
• plywood on an unsound structure • Improve structure

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Is the wood deck surface suitable for coating?
Take an honest look at the surface you want to coat and choose the best path forward.