Just a few minutes of this easy process is all it takes...

For reliably coating your concrete, etching will:

✔ add bonding profile to very smooth concrete (like garage floors)
✔ open concrete pores for better penetration
✔ remove surface residues in new concrete
✔ remove efflorescence (a mineral salt that rises to the surface) and blocks adhesion.

Etching concrete has traditionally been performed using “muriatic acid”, hence the term “acid etching.”

Think of the difference between coating a smooth pane of glass and a piece of 150 grit sandpaper...

Which do you think a coating will stick to best?
Is etching your concrete necessary?
If your concrete is new, very smooth, efflorescent — or all of the above — etching is recommended.
Just pour Natura® Safe Etch onto wet concrete, scrub lightly and move the solution around with a stiff deck brush – and let it fizz for a few minutes.

After etching, thoroughly rinse away any residues. If the project is outdoors, follow with a good pressure wash for easiest, ultra-effective cleaning.
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An alternative you can use instead of acid is Home Hardware's "Natura Safe Etch." It's a simple, safe formula you can use to etch the surface before washing.

Before etching, remove any excessive dirt to ensure good contact with the concrete.

If the surface is very smooth, or is a garage floor, etch twice at full strength