If you've got exterior carpeting on your concrete, there's a fair chance that you've often thought how great it would be to get rid of that soggy, beat-up, stained covering — only to struggle with the question of how to deal with all the ugly glue you'll find underneath once you rip it up.

What do you do? Remove it with some kind of toxic glue removal chemical? Add a new layer of cement over the entire surface? Install slippery tile over everything?

There's an easier answer...
Flex doesn't just protect against moisture and mould growth. It also locks aggressively onto almost everything – including old carpet glue. It's the perfect barrier between the glue and your beautiful new surface. No toxic chemicals. No backbreaking labor.
"Say "goodbye" to your concrete carpet and upgrade easier than you thought!
Roll a coat of Flex® Rubber Membrane right over the glue. Then follow with your favorite Beauti-Tone decorative stone coating.
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