To halt any further damage and give your exterior concrete new beauty and functionality, you need to install an effective shield right over top.

Clear coats have little to no decorative effect and do not hide previous repairs and discolouration. And paint may not offer the level of durability you need to ensure lasting performance.

As well, these options usually offer no added foot traction for pedestrian safety.

Beauti-Tone spreadable stone coatings are made from REAL STONE, which means they are tough, weather resistant and able to withstand salting and shovelling (in cold climates) as well as high heat and UV in warmer climates.
You can also apply them to achieve excellent slip resistance.

Twenty years and thousands of concrete surfaces later, our products remain easy to use and proven to last.
Easily lock any exterior concrete surface beneath a decorative stone shell - in ONE WEEKEND.

1) Wash the surface & let dry.
2) Roll on primer (if required).
Let it dry 30 - 60 minutes.
3) Roll on your desired stone finish. Let it cure until next day.

1) Roll on a coat of HardRock Clear Coat. Done!

To pick the best spreadable stone coating for your needs, Go the concrete coatings product selection page NOW.
Whether your concrete surfaces are just dull, dry and lifeless — or look like the porch above, one thing is sure: bare unprotected concrete does NOT get better with time. It's under constant attack from water, temperature extremes, salt, dirt and abrasion.
New curb appeal with HardRock®