You only need to watch the Beauti-Tone Countertop Refinishing Kit installation video to see living proof of the stunning renewal that took place on the countertop shown above. And you can do the same.

If you have an old laminate countertop or table that's seen better days – and you want to give it an elegant new stone surface without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars – the Beauti-Tone® Countertop Refinishing Kit is for you.

Does your current countertop truly add to your kitchen's decor – or is it looking a bit tired and out of place? Is it damaged, burned, stained, cracked, chipped ... worn thin? Are you happy with its current colour? Is it one of those ceramic tile countertops with the annoying grout lines? Or maybe another finish that's coming apart?
To learn how easy it is to upgrade your countertop and more,
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As DIY projects go, this one is fast, easy and will instantly upgrade an entire room. Consider the benefits:
Whatever it is, you can roll a real stone surface right over top and make the old eyesore disappear. We promise!
Even a countertop like this can be completely revived in a day. That includes filling most cracks and holes. You can have a brand new surface that looks like you spent thousands.