Beautiful and incredibly durable!
Walls with muscle don't have to look that way. Scuff-Proof's vibrant colour and rich appearance never let on that a tough backbone is just beneath the surface.

Choose from thousands of designer colours, roll on Scuff-Proof's rich matte finish... and then let it do its job.

Scuff-Proof glides smoothly onto your walls with no need for primer -- and with its excellent hiding power, it will often cover the wall in just one coat.
Performance without comparison
Scuff-Proof rolls on easily, like any latex paint -- and performs like no other.

• one coat coverage (most colours)
• invisible touch-up
• high scrub resistance
• hard scuff marks wipe away
• high abrasion resistance
• high stain resistance
• low VOC, water-based
Wall Coatings
Beauti–Tone® Scuff-Proof
• Beauti-Tone® FlexRock Wall & Ceiling

• Tools & Accessory Items

Multi-purpose Application:
Apply to bare or primed drywall, concrete, concrete block, masonry, wood, pre-painted oil and latex walls