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Many Tech Stone customers choose to have their favourite concrete or wall finish installed for them by a skilled professional.

Our products are installed both residentially and commercially on both interior and exterior floor and wall surfaces. In turn, we are always looking for skilled independent installers who have an eye for detail and are committed to doing excellent work.

Whether you are interested in adding the Tech Stone coating line to your existing business – or wish to make our products your specialty – we're ready to help.

We offer a wealth of educational resources and hold regular instructional seminars. To learn more, just fill in the contact form below and we'll be in touch.
Decorative Floor Coatings
HardRock® Roll-On Stone Coating
Granite® Stone Coating
FlexRock® Textured Stone Coating

Utility Floor Coatings
• Beauti–Tone® Textured Primer
• Beauti-Tone® HardRock® Clear Coat
• Beauti-Tone® Epoxy Clear Coat
Weather Shield® Flex™

Wall Coatings
Beauti–Tone® Scuff-Proof
• Beauti-Tone® FlexRock Wall & Ceiling

• Tools & Accessory Items