High-Solids Heavy-Duty Performance

HardRock® High-Build Clear Coat is a high performance, one-component high solids acrylic clear coat with urethane.

An ideal top coat for concrete, paving stones and Beauti–Tone® Spreadable Stone floor finishes – HardRock® High-Build Clear Coat produces a tough, barrier that helps protect the underlying surface.

It's a safe, non-toxic, low odour water-based technology excellent for residential, commerial and light industrial floor surfaces.
Performance Highlights
• Repels water
• protects against salt and salt spray
• UV resistant
• excellent chemical resistance
• mold and mildew resistant
• resists impact and abrasion
• non-yellowing
• low VOC
Two to four times the protection of standard retail sealer formulas. Excellent for all kinds of concrete and masonry:
• Porches & Steps
• Pool Decks and Patios
• Walkways and Entrances
• Garage, Utility Floors, Basement Floors
• Balconies
• Foundation Walls... and more
Decorative Floor Coatings
HardRock® Roll-On Stone Coating
Granite® Stone Coating
FlexRock® Textured Stone Coating

Utility Floor Coatings
• Beauti–Tone® Textured Primer

• Beauti-Tone® HardRock® Clear Coat
• Beauti-Tone® Epoxy Clear Coat
Weather Shield® Flex™

• Tools & Accessory Items