The beauty of speckled granite.
The strength of stone.
A great way to resurface interior and exterior concrete, masonry and other surfaces, Beauti-Tone Granite® is a tough stone coating that imparts excellent decorative and protective benefits on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Its bonding technology and stone composition ensure solid adhesion, superior flexibility and dependable durability. Rain, snow, ultraviolet light, summer heat and bitter winter cold are powerless against it.
Performance Highlights
Granite® was designed for excellent performance in all kinds of demanding locations. It's stone composition and advanced chemistry allow it to resist the following:

• Water • UV Rays • Salt • Chemicals • Impact & Abrasion
• Hot-Tire Pickup • Freeze/Thaw Conditions • Mould & Mildew
Granite® Introduction
Granite® Trowel Technique
Smoothing Your Granite® Finish
Applying Granite® on Steps
Granite® - How-To Video Library
Granite application in 3-steps...
Granite® Uses...
• Porches & Steps
• Pool Decks and Patios
• Walkways and Entrances
• Garage, Utility Floors, Basement Floors
• Balconies
• Foundation Walls... and more
Decorative Floor Coatings
HardRock® Roll-On Stone Coating
Granite® Stone Coating
FlexRock® Textured Stone Coating

Utility Floor Coatings
• Beauti–Tone® Textured Primer

• Beauti-Tone® HardRock® Clear Coat
• Beauti-Tone® Epoxy Clear Coat
Weather Shield® Flex™

• Tools & Accessory Items