• easy application
• fast dry time
• odourless, waterbased
• anti-mould/mildew
• environment friendly
• ultra-low VOC
• LEED compliant
Transform Your Walls...
From rustic, old-world texture ... to the feel of smooth polished marble... Your walls are ready for decorative textured magic with FlexRock® Wall & Ceiling Texture.

FlexRock is a unique stone coating technology that adds natural textured beauty to your walls in just minutes.

No fuss, no mixing, no multi-step labour-intensive process. Just pop the lid and roll on beautiful walls.
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• excellent durability
• high scrub resistance
• flexible
• breathable
• multiple finishes
• large colour selection
• colourfast
FlexRock® Uses...
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FlexRock® Uses...

FlexRock delivers exciting creative versatility and multi-surface performance ­ by roller or hopper.

For drywall, block masonry, concrete, plaster and wood.

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