Welcome to a new dimension
in decorative stone.
You can salt it, shovel it, drive your car on it. It can bake in the sun ... it can sit for months beneath the snow. It can be your garage floor -- or your kitchen floor.

Beauti-Tone FlexRock® is a versatile pre-mixed stone coating that adds outstanding beauty and durability to all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces.

Get the look natural stone or ceramic tile -- at a fraction of the cost.
Performance Highlights
FlexRock® delivers excellent resistance capabilities against a full range of demanding conditions:

• Water • UV Rays • Salt
• Chemicals
• Impact & Abrasion
• Hot-Tire Pickup
• Freeze/Thaw Conditions
• Mould & Mildew
FlexRock® Introduction
FlexRock® Roller - Wet-In-Wet
FlexRock® Sponge Highlight
FlexRock® Trowel - Two Colour
FlexRock® Trowel - One Colour
FlexRock's simple 3-step process...
Decorative Floor Coatings
HardRock® Roll-On Stone Coating
Granite® Stone Coating
FlexRock® Textured Stone Coating

Utility Floor Coatings
• Beauti–Tone® Textured Primer

• Beauti-Tone® HardRock® Clear Coat
• Beauti-Tone® Epoxy Clear Coat
Weather Shield® Flex™

• Tools & Accessory Items

FlexRock® Uses...
• Porches & Steps
• Pool Decks & Patios
• Walkways & Entrances
• Garage Floors
• Basement & Utility Floors
• Balconies
• Foundation Walls
... and more
FlexRock's visual appeal and extreme bonding power are unmatched.