Now you can upgrade your laminate countertop to a real custom stone surface – overnight.
The beautiful new
STONE countertop
or table you ROLL ON!
There's no faster, easier, or more economical way to completely RENEW your existing laminate or formica countertop with a new STONE surface you roll on as easily as paint.
      The NEW Beauti-Tone® Countertop Refinishing Kit is made with real stone and goes on FAST with absolutely NO CREATIVE SKILL.
Multi-Surface Renewal...
• Kitchen Counters
• Bathroom Counters
• Bar Tops
• Kitchen Tables
• Coffee Tables ... and More
Your Countertop Plus
20 Years of Proven Stone Technology...
When you choose the Beauti-Tone® Countertop Kit as your new countertop finish, you're choosing the enduring strength and elegance of real stone developed into an easy roll-on finish that naturally outperforms other options in the marketplace.

A mix of carefully combined stone ingredients, the same technology contained within the Beauti-Tone® Countertop Kit has delivered unmatched ease of use, beauty and durability for more than 20 years as heavy-duty decorative coatings for concrete floors, walls, columns and more.

Now, with the Beauti-Tone® Countertop Refinishing Kit you will benefit with this same proven performance in an exciting new decorative option with an attractive speckled granite appearance.
Countertop Kit - Quick Review
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How exactly does this countertop kit compare?
1) The BT Countertop Kit is the real deal: it's STONE, nature's perfect natural ingredient.

2) PERFORMANCE: The BT Countertop Kit gives your new countertop excellent resistance to stains, heat, impact, abrasion and household cleaners...Just what you would expect from stone!

3) It is NOT a faux finish paint product requiring an eye for detail, creative skill and time-consuming techniques. You just ROLL IT ON... And the finished result is far more durable than paint.

4) It's not a cement-based product subject to messy or complicated pre-mixing and short working time. The entire system is pre-mixed and ready to go with unlimited available working time.

5) There are no weird or complicated tools. Just a roller and brush – all included in the kit!

6) The BT Countertop Kit is not an epoxy finish.That means there are no hazardous chemicals to mix, no limited working time — and no plastic-looking finish.

7) PRICE: The Beauti-Tone® Countertop Refinishing Kit gives you a REAL STONE SURFACE that will last — at a very reasonable price (far less than some other finishing products AND not a lot more than painted-on faux finish options).
We chose the Beauti-Tone® Countertop Kit and got a real stone surface that I applied in one weekend. We are absolutely thrilled!"
-- Rebecca H.
30 - 40 sq.ft.
Yukon Rock
Frequently Asked Questions
1) How much area does the BT Countertop Kit cover?
The kit covers 50 sq.ft. of countertop space when applied as directed.

2) What comes in the kit?
The kit comes with all required coatings and all application tools.

3) Do the products smell bad?
Not at all. The entire system is practically odourless and safe to use.

4) How soon can we use our new countertop?
After clear coat application, wait 24 hours before you resume use.

5) Can I coat my backsplash?
Yes, just employ the same techniques.

6) How smooth can I make my countertop?
You have complete control. Leave your countertop softly textured or perfectly smooth. It's completely up to you.

7) What if I have some left?
It's not an epoxy product, so there's never any waste. Just close the can and save it for later. Use it on a table, vanity, bartop or other surface.

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Sea Pearl
Stone Mist
Mica Gold
Breton Cove
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